East Coulee School Museum Remediation Project

The East Coulee School House opened in 1930, with an expansion added in 1944 to meet the demands of the booming community. With the shift from coal to gas and oil, local mines began to close in the 1950’s. By 1970, East Coulee was virtually a ghost town. Those who remained in the area, in the interests of preserving the rich history of an era “when coal was king”, restored the school house and opened it as the East Coulee School Museum in 1985.

A full Condition Assessment was conducted on the building which defines what projects take priority. This forms the basis for a Business Plan that will guide facility remediation and redevelopment. The project, when completed, creates a sustainable facility capable of hosting year-round activities and events.

The remediation is broken down into several phases:

  1. Addresses the heating system. The coal-fired boiler died in 2012 and will be replaced with a gas fired steam system. Enough funds have been secured to start this task. The new boiler was installed in 2015.
  2. Give the roof a total overhaul. It has been patched many times and needs a total fix as it is leaking in several places. Completed Spring of 2018. Inside, damaged drywall has been replaced and the walls repainted. Winter 2019.
  3. Address some foundation issues in the northwest corner of the building and all along the west wall.  An engineering study has been done over 2019 and a plan for repairs is being drawn up. Next project!
  4. Restore heritage infrastructure – the 2 north windows have been totally restored. They were both very rotted. New storm windows have been built to protect these into the future! The two restored windows will be back at the building in early spring 2020!
  5. Restoration will continue with more work on windows, floors, casings, etc!

Donations are received through the Dinosaur Valley Heritage Society. All proceeds go directly towards the East Coulee School Museum.

Donate either by etransfer to ecsmuseum@gmail.com or through the Donate Today button!